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Next Week's Vote and Resources on Polity Proposal

Next Week's Vote and Resources on Polity Proposal

by Jason Hall on October 11, 2020

Creek Family,

I want to remind you that one week from today, on Oct. 18, we will be voting again on the updates to our church leadership proposal that our Elder Body presented last month. This vote is open to all members aged 16 or older but specifically focused on those who opted to use the text-to-vote option when we first voted a few weeks ago. A couple of reminders on that vote:

  • Because of our phone vendor's error, we are not confident that all text votes were correctly counted.
  • If you voted by text message last time, please vote again next Sunday.
  • If you voted via paper ballot last time, you do not need to vote again. All paper ballots were received and counted.

As we looked toward next week's vote, we worked to find another text-to-vote option that worked, because we know that text messages are simple and convenient. However, none of the processes we researched met our criteria for accuracy, storage, and retrieval of all the votes. After also researching online systems that charged significant fees, we decided on a more straightforward approach that we pray can serve everyone.

Next week's electronic vote option will be to send an e-mail to with the following information:

  • Full first and last name
  • Age
  • Yes or No on polity proposal

If you are a member aged 16 or older and you do not have an e-mail address or feel this method might be a burden for you, please call the church office this week and we'll figure out a way to help you. Also, remember that paper ballot options will be available on campus Oct. 18 as well.

We'll be reminding everyone later this week of all these things. In the meantime, I also wanted to share some links with you:

  • We've produced some FAQs on the polity proposal if you'd like to take a look. I don't believe there's any new information that we haven't already shared in one form or another, but hopefully, a different format may be helpful if you still have questions.
  • If you need a fresh copy of the proposed changes, download it here.

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